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Travel Tips

Beauty Product Storage Tips

While traveling with other women, it has come to our attention what they take along for beauty products. Full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, large hairsprays and the list goes on and on, with each product adding weight and taking up valuable space in their suitcase. Most stores have small sample size products you can purchase or request samples at the department store makeup counter. You can also transfer your favorite makeup products into small recycled containers. The following are some interesting suggestions on how to take smaller amounts of your beauty products but still have everything you need.
  • ANOTHER USE FOR CONTACT LENS CASES - Instead of packing your tubes, jars, or plastic bottles of creams try a contact lens case. You can use both sides - one for eye cream and the other for concealers or any product that requires dabs for application.
  • DRY FACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHS - Oil of Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths are wonderful! They are dry and you can put as many of these practically weightless squares as you need in a Ziploc bag. They remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize without taking separate cleansers, makeup removers, washcloths, etc. Just wet one, lather and wash, then throw it away!
  • FLYAWAY HAIR - To instantly calm down static-electric flyaway hair, slide a dry fabric softener sheet over it. Packed in a suitcase these sheets also give everything a fresh clean smell.
  • PRE-MOISTENED MAKE-UP PADS SAVE SPACE - Pack make-up pads soaked with your favorite toner in a small Ziploc bag. The pads stay moist for weeks, there is no fear of toner bottles breaking or leaking, and it saves precious space.
  • SCENTED COTTON BALLS - Instead of taking breakable perfume bottles, soak some cotton balls in your favorite scent and stuff them into empty film canisters. Then just use them one at a time - the airtight canisters keep the fragrance fresh!
  • LAVENDER OIL - If you are suffering from a headache, try massaging lavender oil where the pain is - some find it is very effective.
  • Sometimes when traveling in other countries the public bathroom facilities have odors that can be overwhelming. Take a very tiny bottle of lavender oil. A sniff of a small drop, placed on your finger tip, can be a blessing and make the bathroom situation much more bearable. Another solution for an undesirable restroom is a mentholated lip balm. Dab a bit under your nose. It works wonders! Along these same lines, a small plastic bottle of body spray works well as a room deodorizer for a hotel bathroom.


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