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Travel Tips

Travel Tips For Women

  • PREPARATION FOR LOST LUGGAGE - When two women are traveling together, each of you should put one complete outfit in the other's suitcase in case one suitcase is lost or delayed. It doesn't hurt to carry a change of underwear, socks or pajamas in your carry-on either. It can make all the difference during a delay of any kind.
  • SEWING KIT - When traveling, be sure to bring thread in the same colors as your clothes. Take a small piece of cardboard and wrap the thread around it. Keep extra buttons, needles and thread in an empty film container. This will be handy for small repairs. Be sure to pack it in your checked luggage.
  • PACKING EARRINGS - To bring a selection of earrings on your trip, get a pre-cut felt square at a fabric store and simply fasten the earrings through the felt then fold or roll it. This allows you to bring lots of earrings, protects each pair from damage and takes up almost no space! Fasten the roll with a rubber band to keep it from unrolling. This could slip easily into a shoe when packing. Mary Mulari's book, Made for Travel, has a hanger jewelry holder that is easy to make and is terrific for carrying jewelry while traveling. It is attached to a hanger so when a garment is hung over it, no one would know you have jewelry hidden underneath.
  • DRY CLEANER BAGS - Hang or place individual items of clothing in dry cleaner plastic bags before packing them in your suitcase. Your clothes will not wrinkle. It sounds too easy, but it really works!
  • HOTEL CURTAIN GAP - Have you ever been in a hotel room where light comes shining through a gap between the curtains? Take along a hanger with clips on it and clip the curtains together. Works like a charm!


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